Self Acceptance


Why is it that we are so much more forgiving of those who mistreat us or are not kind then we are of forgiving ourselves?

What is it about our own thoughts that keep us feeling bad about ourselves and continually beating ourselves up for choices we made in the past?

Why can’t we just let go, just have as much understanding and compassion for ourselves as we do for other human beings?

How do we create that compassion, Love, understanding and appreciation for ourselves in order to know and trust that everything is perfect the way it is and that ultimately we are taken care of?  Maybe we are Loved and accepted Unconditionally by Source.  That sometimes the decisions we make are guided by Source in order to learn the things we need to learn and evolve in Spirit, to remember who we are and our Truth.

Consider that the choices we make actually are what we needed to create the life we truly long for in our hearts and that Source knows that and is providing the opportunities for that to happen?

What if, it’s all totally perfect and all we need to do is trust, let go, have faith and that will open unlimited possibilities of Love, Compassion and Understanding that we long for and is just waiting for us?

Maybe, just maybe, our experience – all of this – is perfectly aligned. It’s time to let go now.  You can trust.  You are Loved Unconditionally and you are Accepted as perfect and whole just the way you are.  There are no mistakes, no what if’s, no regrets.  There are only deeper messages, deeper meanings, deeper lessons and deeper Love and acceptance for Self.  Whatever is happening is to create space for you to Love Yourself Unconditionally so that you can Manifest the perfection of Life.  It’s happening so you can remember and live your deepest truth. So you can see and feel the Magnificence that is you.

Surrender, Trust, let go, Believe.


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